" True teachers use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross..then..having facilitated their crossing..joyfully collapse..encouraging them
to create bridges of their own "  
Nikos Kazantzakis

Carol Macartney

Senior Yoga Teacher

Face and Co-Founder of Evolve Yoga Isle of Wight brings over three decades of personal practice, experience and devotion to the path of yoga, into her wisdom teaching.


Carol stumbled across yoga, whilst seeking a meditation class back in the eighties and during a class with one of her first teachers "Narayani" she experienced a "light bulb moment" where she knew that her path to healing and to helping others was through the path of yoga. Carol then qualified as a teacher and began teaching classes on the Isle of Wight and went on to inspire many others to pursue their own dream of becoming a teacher.


Ever the seeker of the truth, she spent many years furthering her knowledge and passion, attending workshops and retreats with some of the world's most influential teachers, until she landed at the feet of her beloved teacher "Clive Sheridan" with whom she practices up to this day.


Carol magnetically draws people to her that are looking for something beyond the mundane, seeking a path of personal development and self enquiry through yoga. She has an amazing capacity to help people feel safe and supported, to evolve at their own pace and open to the path of self acceptance and love. She is aware that we are all constantly evolving and continues to question, adapt and open to new challenges, concepts and ideas in her personal life and within her teaching.


" As I move into the Autumn of my life, I have learnt above all to laugh at myself and not to take life too seriously...

If we have been called onto the path of yoga, we have already been blessed. The path opens up to us and opens us up, in unimaginable ways. The miracle is, that all we are required to do, is let go but that is an ongoing process, which is sometimes painful and sometimes blissful but as we evolve, we experience an undeniable joy and sense of gratitude for this life and everyone in it. 

I feel humbled and grateful to all of the amazing teachers in my life, for the ups and downs and for life itself being the biggest and most powerful and loving teacher of all!! Each and every breath is a blessing and every encounter we ever have is a teacher "




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Emma McGillivray

Yoga Teaching Assistant


Emma is the Yoga Teaching Assistant, and Co Founder of Evolve.

" Yoga has been a part of my life since I moved to Australia back in 2003. I went through a tough time with anxiety and debilitating panic attacks, Yoga was my sanctuary, my space to breath, and reconnect with myself. Only through practicing yoga did I manage to heal myself, and become a stronger person, inside and out. 10 years later, I had a successful career as an Events Manager in Sydney, a husband and 2 small boys.


We moved to the Island in 2013 where I quickly realised that the fast pace life of events was no longer my passion. After attending various yoga classes, I landed in one of Carol's, where I felt a sense of arriving home and inspired to take a new direction in my life and decided to become a Yoga teacher".

Since completing the training, Emma's own style of teaching and " Ems Yoga" has emerged.


"For me, it is all about making it accessible to all. Whether you are complete beginner wanting to learn the foundations, or someone with more experience that wants to be challenged to build strength and flexibility".


Hatha yoga is the basis of Emma's teachings, her classes are dynamic, and sometimes challenging, but most of all fun. You will always leave feeling relaxed yet energised, and ready for the day ahead. 


How We Evolved


Our journey as friends and fellow yogini's began in 2013 when Emma stepped into a class I was running in a local village hall. She immediately became an avid student, attending regular classes and retreats and by 2019 completed her 200 hour Teacher Training with me. Throughout the training our friendship and heart connection deepened, during which time the seed for Evolve was planted. The process that unfolded and continues to unfold feels incredibly organic.


As the pandemic swept across the planet and Zoom became the platform for many teachers including myself, to host classes and workshops, inevitably an increasing number of online yoga teacher trainings are now popping up.

Whilst this serves many people and in itself, offers wonderful opportunities, we felt that in contrast to the isolation and separation that many people experienced, we wanted to create an in person training, where people can enjoy the experience of being together, supporting one another through the process of becoming a yoga teacher. A unique and special training, in a bespoke fashion and in a beautiful location on the Isle of Wight.

After many moons of soul searching, questioning and diligence, we have arrived at Evolve.